Under The Desk

Everytime I close my eyes

I’m scared that I will hear

Gunshots from across the hall

That everyone will fear

*boom* *slash*

We jump up from our seats

We hide in the corner

Tucking in our feet

We scream and cry and worry

Until we can’t anymore

Cause we die in each others arms

Lying in blood on the floor

The last thing I saw was a calendar

The date was the eighth

We were stabbed in the back

Because we died in a place

That we called “safe”.

I knew that this would happen

The hoodie pulled the trigger

But if the gun was never there

There would have never been a figure

The gun was screaming in pain

But it didn’t have a choice

Because the person who pulled the trigger

They couldn’t have a voice

When the hoodie moved his finger

A tear ran down his face

Because everyone ignored him

For being a “disgrace”

I wanted to hear basketballs

Being shot up above

But I then heard bullets

Going on me like a glove

I did learn something that day

Cause that’s what schools are for

They say they value children

But they value guns more.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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