Under The Blue Moon


Under The Blue Moon

            As beautiful as a dream

            Pitch perfect as can be

            You shine like the sun, brighter than any light,

            within the night. I see you in my school hallways


            I find you at the corner of eyes, always there

            Hair, smooth and vibrant

            Heart, larger than life and more loving than any

            Eyes, deep brown full of adventure and joy


            A name, holding more meaning than the universe

            You stand holding me close, love between us

            Binds us, molds us, strengthens us

            Never another have I ever found


            So pitch perfect as can be

            Under the blue moon

            You stand, I stand, and together we are



            Forever, as long as the moonlight shines

            The wind carries our voices

            And the nights slide away to its light

            I will fight


            I will believe, for you give me hope

            Inspiration, dedication, a dream

            Someone to love, for you, and only you

            Are pitch perfect as can be






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