Uncontrollable Emotions


Vibrant red, a splash of color,

Coursing through the veins

Not unlike the heady rush that is alcohol,

or drug-store liquor.

The uncontrollable feelings, the unbearable pain,


when trying to eliminate, to exterminate

the uncontrollable feelings: the irresistible liquid.

It's difficult to be rid of the emotion, yet easy to give in.

Similar to fire, the headstrong liquid and feelings spread

until it achieves an uncontainable state.

The element spreads, easily destroying everything in it's path.

Navigating through the body,

the solid liquid, the unsavory liquid,

the physical emotion, the soothing anger,

refuses to leave

until the satisfaction of completing it's duty is given.

Filling the body with anger, with liquid, to the brim.

Rewarding the host with a warm feeling,

buzzing and unstable.

Until it's defeated.

Perhaps by water, by tears, by manageable emotion.


Perhaps happiness:

Bright yellow, a splash a color.

A choice.


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