Unconditional Love Has Too Many Conditions On It

For all those people that said they would be there I don't quite understand

What was the point of reaching out only to pull back your hand


I often wonder were all of you aware of the stipulations placed upon your caring

Why extend condolence if you truly only wanted limited sharing

Maybe I should’ve paid more attention to the fine print instead of worrying about why my heart was tearing.


Maybe it was something I misread, I should’ve examined more carefully but I rushed through instead


Silly of me to try and cater to my hard time when apparently I should've been stroking everyone's ego instead.


I guess it was my bad for overlooking the terms and conditions

Too many people thirsty to deliver strong opposition


Everyone is giving me their opinions unaware that they are so irrational

All the while i’m wondering how and why everyone is taking my grief so personal


In this time I learned that nothing is truly unconditional

Everything is set up in phases that are merely transisional  


I keep rereading this contract over and over again and I can’t seem to find the part where it says emotional support is only during office hours


Again and again the parties were always out for lunch and I found myself buying my own flowers


I pushed people away, I can own up to my fault

But the people who truly understood never went far


There were times I found myself defending my feelings like I was a politician

This unconditional love thing must have a new definition

This unconditional love has too many damn  conditions


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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