Last night,

As I opened my window

The soft breeze came

Running in

scared of the complete darkness.

It kissed my hot cheeks with its sudden

rough cold lips


gave me a tight cool hug

that pulled me backward gently.


The wind warned me.


Somebody was not happy.

A storm is traveling quickly towards this area.

It is looking for somebody.


Who is it?

What is it?


Its here.


It brought a weird sensation.


Trouble filled the sky.

Forced filled up on a grey cloud

and brought strong lightning


down somewhere nearby

into darkness.


At last...it had reached its target.


The sun came out,

the sky turned blue

and everything was silent nearby...except…


From far away, small voices were heard

as if ants could talk.

A punishment from mother Earth had just occurred.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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