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Thu, 11/08/2018 - 14:47 -- a1rvchh

What if I told you I wasn't okay?

would you continue to stand and walk away?

why is it so hard to see my point of view?

you made me, I thought I needed you


Things became lies and lots of forgots

I thought I was happy with all that I got

But then I realized

It wasn't a lot


As a little girl I was so afraid 

You even told me I was a big mistake 

Will you ever stop and let me explain?

or wait..maybe it's too late


Almost all grown up now

Sometimes i'm not home and you still find ways to hurt me somehow

Soon I realized I was getting worse

All because this house is diverse


Is this even a family anymore?

6 years I been fighting this war

What happened to us four?

oh wait nevermind...we were always ignored


Why why why?

Why do you continue to lie?

Why do you act like you were there by my side?

Is it so hard to just love me and try?


All these years you tried to take credit

Day by day you thought I was pathetic 

So sad to all my siblings that had to go

Did you really have to stoop that low

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My family
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