ugly personality killed a pretty smile

That's it I'm throwing rhymes on this shit
She's a very scary girl with a mind of a skit
Has it played out she knows exactly where to hit
With a mouth full of spit , she hates to admit
That she has victims lined up in her basement
She's so crazy she tried to hit me in the face man
I'm out of placement , fuck that I'm in the times whenever I ask her where she at she just lies .
I wanna kill this girl like for reals
Putting thoughts in my head I fell over heals
Black diamonds jewellery and hearts she'll steals
She makes me as nervous as a thousand drug deals

I'm a real mother fucker that fucked up his feels
I'm as crazy as Angel dust running with stainless steals
I didn't mean to bore you
But I adore you , you whore you (jk)
I have these feelings towards you , it don't feel ok .
I'm on the same stupid shit everyday
No one ever told me what to think or what to say
I think I'll just do the same shit I did yesterday

She told me I can trust her , just like this yellow mustard
It burns when I think about her up-skirt
I know I'm sounding absurd , but this is just a life's worth
Spending all my money on the feelings I can't cover
I can't find another lover since all these bitches like their mother's ...

Well , keep me in the kitchen everyday , I cook like a mean motha fucka once you pay
This shit is sounding gay , I'll lose it anyway
Say aww to me one more time I'm sure to lose it , k ?

What's with the abuse ? I'm just tryna deuce , go 80 miles an hour in a residential space too . I think you ignore me but really you're just so g , keeping me up to date like nothing happens in the morning . Do a porno like you're letting in the guys to do the flooring .
Why don't you take my bed out to take it snowboarding ?
Oh ya there's no damn snow where your from , at least you're low key , but why don't ladies know me ? Oh speaking of which there's my door keys I left it with my homies and they told me you're going to the show , please ? Wanna take me with you to enjoy ? I don't really wanna go because I'm just a toy .

Didn't you're mother tell you to leave those at home , whenever you go out get new numbers on your phone ?

This mutha fucka left alone in Minnesota, where it snows no matter what the weather channel shows

A girl just like you is really hard to find
But fuck what I know I have trouble on my mind

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