she looks at herself in a mirror

she looks at her face

at first glance

she is relieved

she feels okay that this is who she is

and in okay with the fact that she cant change that

but then she looks closer

she looks into her eyes that are too far apart

her greacy forehead

her monster thighs that touch to her knees

her huge flabby arms that jiggle in her every motion

her stomach that hangs over her waist like its overflowing...

her rolls of fat

that bulge in places where hip bones should protrude...

she looks at herself

and what she sees

she hates 

with a passion

maybe if that person were to starve

maybe i f the ugly hideous fat melted off of them

exposing her spine and ribs

mayube people would consider her beautifu.


what other options are there.

and so she decised.

because no food will ever taste as good 

as looking in the mirror

and not wanting to hurt the person she sees.



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