UFO Sightings

Looking up at the sky,
Either dark or bright --
I see it there
Just above the sunset
And below the sunrise.
It is never still
Soaring in circles around the sun
And even the moon.
Neither wings nor propeller
Not even the honeyed wind
Had taught it to fly.
I know its secret
Either dusk or dawn --
I see it everyday
A strength greater than the unknown.
From being a speck of stardust
To a churning galaxy.
This is beyond nature’s creation
A mysterious animation.
And thus it is never still.
Its shape varies everyday 
As it invents a new burst of color 
And with a flicker,
It bears it like a starry cape
And keeps rocketing through 
The crowded atmosphere,
With a full tank of freedom
And an amour stitched tighter than flesh:
Whatever it becomes,
Even if it never stays the same,
My flashing eyes
Will signal a letter to the heavens
And ask if it is still happy
With the moon and the sun.
Some notice and praise
Some will never stargaze
I can only hope
That it remains to beam with pride,
For it is never alone
With the comets by its side
And with us down on Earth,
Tirelessly watching it 
Ever since birth.
I do not know how long
It will last
Or when it will cease its glowing.
Surely it has the strength
To hover through endless light years.
Yet when the time comes
And the black holes are gaping, rising,
Its rays will stretch far enough
To finally embrace the sun
And cradle the moon
If it ever wanted them.
And this solar miracle
Will fade to a grain of moon dust.
Yet we all know
With every particle of trust
That it will never be still.
Oh no, this is no shooting star
This is no asteroid 
You are something more special
And most definitely, 
Stronger by far.


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