U R Da 1

U R DA 1

I write these words to the sounds of a late summer rain.
Trying to express the thoughts that are weighing heavy on my brain.
This is the perfect example of poetry in motion.
Witness how my private thoughts get deeper than the ocean.
I need you in my life like flowers need the sun.
Translated into slang that means U R DA 1.
I see your eyes every time I close mine.
Picturing that blissful day we share the same moment in time.
You are the inspiration of love that every man seeks.
The lustful temptation that makes the strongest man weak.
Loving you is easy because you are beautiful that’s how the song goes.
Plus you are the one my heart sincerely chose.
Love can be a blessing, love can be a curse, but never knowing love is truly the worst.
I see something in you that make you one of a kind.
The sincerity of a woman that is so hard to find.
Your name means beautiful in another language “I’m quite sure this is true.”
God made perfection when he created the Sun, Earth the Moon and You

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