This hurts man I really wanna tell you something .
You may not wanna hear it and to you it may be nothing.
I don't know what makes me special
Everything you say it makes me mental
Pulling teeth this came with dental
Ripping my hair out first skin and then skull

Lemme know why you're here for me
Throwing it all away towards me
I got the shit end of the stick what all these lies do mean ?
No im not apart of your scene , coming all this way you're part of me
I don't mean to burst so pardon me , I jus been dying to hear and see
Take me to the lake start drowning me , feed me like a steak to dogs of three , I'm not worth shit my life was free
On the other end not proud of me , all the other girls go down on me .. Now it's time to change turn the page

Please cut me off this time , I don't wanna be in the middle of your rhyme
I'm making too much noise like a chime
Seems like nothing's ever gonna be mine

I don't give a fuck if I die old alone
Or if I die young due to no seat belt on
I've always been out on my own
Tryna figure out why my debt is so long

Lately I've been feeling depressed
I don't know maybe I'm overly obsessed
Maybe this whole life was just a test
And my next life is about to be the best

There's a difference between getting notes and reading them
There's a difference between having friends and eating them

What if I told you everything I said was a lie ?
What if I told you what I really wanted is just to die ?



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