Type Guy

Truth doesn't diminish by the stories frauds try to impose but frauds power should be weaken by the truth when its exposed... I'm rough around the edges but i never pose...I write from the heart so this is the "Type Guy" I am modern day prose.....So its my experience people speak in rumors alot ... it's easier to make me a suspect to your plot ... Cause i don't act like I am knowing that I'm not ... Cuz im ADHD and just because I forgive don't mean I forgot ... Im the live by a Code type guy ... I'm the life lessons to never wife messing type blessing guy ... I can be mr nice guy .. i been the "fuck it" kinda guy .The calm guy .The not quite cocky enough to be king of the prom type guy . I don’t intentionally ruin people's day type guy .Cheat on my girl nope I'm not that type guy, I might let some dumb shit fly type, but you may see me parade on you type so dont act like its sweet type guy, I act from what the heart wants type im loyal from the start type guy, So try to play me ill learn your game quick type, i box hard so watch the counter move type guy, And i Dont hide in disguise I open minds to be wise type guy, I'll buzz around like a fly and to protect my kids I'm willing to go to ant lengthbto make you die type guy, So pay attention as i mention, Im a looks can be deceiving type guy, So don’t judge a book by its covers type, So don’t ever be surprised when your told i did it, Im the jusitfied reason type guy, I lived in the streets cause i got high but I never stole from my mother type guy, So try and look beneath the surface there’s a whole new realm to discover one with purpose , So welcome to the unveiling to lift the cover of my "Type Guy" , Cuz me, I thrived and survived a life in dark shadows without conviving i slept next to dingy alleys with the odor of sweat and trash lingered on my clothes but i ultimately survived and blossomed to writing this modern day prose ..

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