Starting at herself two unreadable green irises stare back. A naked soul is curled in a fetal position clinging to her knees in the dark void.

Cold and bleek with no with no fragment of light, her body shakes, shocked and numb.

A light streams down, thousands of replicas twist and twirl under the surrounded reflections bewildered as she faces the looking glass.

She felt shelter in that way.

A hand reaches to the crystalized portrait resting on the smooth refreshing surface.

Cracks begin to show underneath, springing out like spider webs.

It groans with unrelenting pressure exploding, her eyes scruntch tightly cowering under the rain of shards.

Releasing the tension of her sruntched eyelids, back to sqaure one.

Green irises watch intently.

Unaware of her trapped breathe she exhales as her shoulders deflate, turning back on the girl in the mirror.

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