two weeks notice

For a while, i found myself wanting to tell you how my day went every night.
That was the worst part.
But i guess its easy for you,
Because it was never me.
It's 11:30pm.
I recognize this as your hour.
We'd share the unbelievably funny things that happened at work,
I can't even put into words what i felt when i heard you laugh in the middle of a sentence, because it was just too funny you couldn't say it all at once.
I'd stay quiet,
cause i think too much.
Frustration would travel through your end of the cell phone line,
I don't talk you say.
I don't.
You'd want me to open up.
But i gave so much of me away to you,
in ways you'd never notice.
I'd catch you in moments where you had no care in the world, and i swear,
everytime i watched you walking away,
or leaning forward while you laughed...
i thought,
how blessed am i?
to witness such a beautiful human being.
I loved you through the simplest things,
In ways you never noticed.

I've never been good at speaking,
but i am a professional in observing.
I drank in everything about your existence.
I loved you the way you wanted her to...
And it was so goddamn easy.
She won't ever love you,
Especially not the way i did.
Understand now, that i see a shadow of us, whenever i pass by all the places we went.
That movie theater is now haunted,
And i drive a completely different way to work, just to avoid that park.
I showed you all my favorite things, now i can't even stand to look at them.
You've tainted everything in my life,
But you won't ever know that,
How could you possibly know this?
You never tried to notice.
You never tried.

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