Two Souls


A shell painted blue with white clouds and a sun

Right above andy’s room,like a toy story novel

Follow rules like the rest, never stepping out of line

Dream of college and a house

And never question this fake paradigm

But I'm boiling inside, with my radical mind

I itch to scratch the surface of this fake paradigm

And my heart is now split in two

with one half screaming justice

And the other full of greed


My good half always hidden, suppressed by this illogical quest

I want to question, to change and reform, all these social norms

Those of which oppress major sections of the world

In different ways,and all by different means

I want to truly laugh

To dream and to hope

And to know that we are all truly free

And I know that as I grow I shall change my mind

But deep down inside I understand it cannot be

My thoughts and my actions cannot change a world that has gone insane

My spirit mourns, the current crisis that we live in

And though the cry for justice still remains

God watches in disdain

And I question my faith

For if a heaven does exist

Where is it now when we need its help?


My greedy half conforms with crooks

And feeds off of all the junk that advertisements create

A harvard degree is what I seek

An intellectual I want to be

In a mansion I want to live

With the Kings I want to eat

As I see what life can be

Should I stay or should I go

Should I dream or should I grief

I walk away from justice for it is not safe for me to stay

It is black friday and we all go insane

Make us think it’s a social norm to spend our saving on the ones we love

Do this and do that to make you fit in

Or pay the consequences and as a fugitive you will live

Both outside and within

Luxury and comfort have ruled my soul

Survival of the richest is what I know


So, how can I truly care when this does not obey the rules society has placed

Therefore, I remain inside my shell as when the time comes and need be

I will pull back the curtain, and will expose my true self


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