Two Sides


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“I am NOT going back to the line.Is it because I’m not WHITE [I don’t have the same skin] like you?You think you can tell me what to do?You know what, I’m tired of you people.I am NOT afraid of you.You know why? (Pause)Because I’m USED to people like you.You’re going to have to get used to us because we’re not going anywhere.My children are gonna live here, my grandchildren are gonna live here,my GREAT grandchildren are gonna live here.So DEAL. WITH. IT.” It’s unreal how much my life has changedBeing a neophyte for this fraternityIs where it all beginsNo one knows how many hurdles I’ve leaptHardly knowing I barely sleptyesterday, I was bougie and white washedtoday I am proud, brown and un Leon con corazonbut I cant forget my roots my little pit stop off of 66I did all I could to run away from a townThat I am know eternally boundI identify with the good ol’ boys of the South pero my Heart is un LEONIt beats with blood, but with shock tooA culture I never even knewSeeping in my veinsIn the streets of the concrete jungleI pranced like a little girl at 2am On Broadway Street, I came outAgain, with pride. “QUE TE PASA?NO SEAS TAN INHUMANA!MI HIJO TENIA QUE USAR LA LAVADORA POR UNA HORA MAS.ESTOY CANSADA DE GENTE COMO TI.YOU ILLEGALS [PEOPLE] DON’T KNOW YOUR PLACE.YOU’RE THE REASON WHY WHITE PEOPLE [THEY] LOOK AT US THIS WAY.YOU THINK YOU CAN COME INTO THIS COUNTRYAND JUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SYSTEM SET IN PLACE.WE (CITIZENS) PAY TAXES UNLIKE YOU PARASITES [MOOCHERS](Pause)OH WHAT, YOU THINK YOU SCARE ME?YOU THINK YOUR MACHISMO FRIGHTENS ME?YOU TOUCH ONE HAIR ON MY BODYAND I WILL DEPORT YOUR ASS BACK TO MEXICO [YOUR COUNTRY] MYSELF!”


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