Two Minutes


Here in America

Every two minutes

Someone is sexually assaulted


We blame and stigmatize

We humiliate and scar

No wonder 60% of rapes aren't reported to the police


We say we love, we say we care

Yet why is it 

That 97% of rapists won't spend a day in jail


We teach our girls it's always their fault

And we tell our boys they can't get raped

When one in ten men become victims


We say the victims are just too 'slutty'

While 44% of victims are under 18

And 15% are under 12


They say to stick with your friends

But isn't that dangerous

When 33% of attackers are friends or acquaintances


I've felt the pain

I've felt the stigma, the blame, the jokes

I am the one in the one in six American women who have been sexually assaulted


We call ourselves a great nation

But right now

Another two minutes has passed




Powerful, meaningful and needed! Thank you for writing and sharing this poem, our socitey needs more brave people standing up for multiudes of muted and  mistreated women!

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