The two Lovers


One lost soul had a family falling apart.

Another was living on hard times.

Both having not so clear minds but loving hearts,

Looking in the world wanting love to find.

They connect, love spread through them like a flame.

And the bond was strengthened through hardship and pain.

Though the both have impurities and imperfections,

From the past and people they loved,

That caused them to hurt each other.

The one to whom they swore love and protection.

I would have left had I been in either of their place.

Easily avoid yelling, arguing, and tears runing down my face. 

Years I've watched them and couldn't comprehend,

Why instead of walking away they decide to stay and mend,

Instead of flight they decide to fight,

Rebuild that trust which is hard to do.

Over a decade later I look things through.

Now I finally understand, by a simple gesture.

One of them, fragile and vulnerable so the other protects them.

They were put under pressure for years,

Most people would have cracked or broken.

Yet this couple survived it.

The love may have even thrived from it.

A diamond revealed and shining so bright.

With very little to no flaws in sight.

A beacon in the dark, mysterious night.

Lasting and stable enough to raise two young girls.


The two lovers against the world.


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