Two Halves of a Whole

We are two havles of a whole,

two sides of a brain,

two atriums of a heart.

Without you,

I am broken,

a robot with no heart,

a robot without a soul.


With you,

I'm alive,

heart beating,

lungs breathing,

brain percieving.


Every smile

energizes me,

every kiss

awakens me.


I am anew,

reborn through your love.


Yet you are puzzled,

your lips managing to allow questions of why

to surpass my ear drum and into my cranial cavity.

"Why are you drawn to me,

like a moth to a flame?"

"Why do I mean the world to you,

as if your own life means nothing?"

"Why can you not see a life without me in it?"


My answers,

they are simple,

like the classic all American cheese.

You see, love,

I can't go back to living in the dark.

Living in a world

with heart stealers,

or soul abusers,

or toung-tied users.

Living in a world without color,

blind and ignorant to what a heart is,

to what a soul is,

to what love is.


You are my muse,

my Mona Lisa

You are my light in shining armor,

protecting me from the dark.

You are my soul

when my own has wandered.

You are my heart

when mine doesn't work.


You bring life to my dull,

sense to my nonsense,

sanity to my insanity,

stability and clarity to my irrationality and stupidity.

If I could,

I'd turn you into a blanket to comfort me

when it turns stormy and grey

within my head.


We are two halves of a whole,

two sides of a prain,

two ventricules of a heart.

Without you,

I am nothing.

With you,

I'm everything.

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