Two denials

By: Anyssa Q. E. 


"Focus, I say" said the brain to the being.

"But how can I focus, If I cannot stop feeling?"

The heart was ashamed, in the shadow of the brain,

For he was often wrong, and the brain was insane. 


"I try to make sense, of these things that I feel,

but in the end, it doesn't seem the problem was real. I ache with an ache,

I itch with an itch, I hunger for something I cannot resist.-

I consult you for help, but you deny me so, all I can do,

is swell and unfold. I'll scream it to you, my emotional

state, perhaps then you'll make no mistake." 


Said the brain to the heart, of out insecure rage, "If you do not silence,

I will shorten your days. I will snuff our your smoke, I will suffocate 

your haze. I will cut you in two, and stomp on the remains. 

Now quiet down, one. Quiet and listen, there are things that must be done,

things you are missing, for dwelling on emotion, rather than reason." 


Said the heart to the brain, baffled and confused, "For you and I are parts, One split in two.

You are my reason, and I am your soul, so please don't deny me, I have truths to

be told!  Why do you shun the feelings I feel? Why do you deny my existance is real? 

Why do you cloak me in a sheet of ice? If this is what you do, I'll fairly give up life." 



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