Twisted Reflection

Shatter the vase for the burnt out cigarette, The fire still burns; yesterday isn't over, yet.

But yesterday was two years ago, he said.

Drink the whiskey; it holds you together. It makes you forget things you don't want to remember.

You're drowning now; it's dragging you under. You're so nauseated you don't even feel the hunger.

Your hip bones are showing, but you're blind to it. You just need that sweet, burning liquid.

But it's the only cure; the only way. You can't stand to see the light of day.

The pain you forget keeps on coming back. You drink more every day to numb it. In fact,

The bottles covering your floor are empty. It's time to pretend you're going to get groceries.

Disappear for a day or a month. No one will notice. Except maybe the Bar hostess.

You can't remember the last time you slept in your house. It doesn't matter so long as you don't see your spouse.

You think of all the lies and the anger. You put that bottle to your lips & you sleep with a stranger.

You breathe the hurt like it's air; You take in the poison because it's all that is there.

Your family is gone, and so are your friends. It's far too late to make amends.

You wake up in the sun; in a place you didn't know existed. You look in the mirror & realize your reflection is twisted.


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This kept my attention the whoe poem so amazing I love your details wow

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