Twelve Things We Want To Know About The Bible And Christianity

These are neither rhetorical questions nor trick questions.

We want the correct answers from the leaders of the churches.


1. Was Christianity founded by Jesus Christ or was it founded by his followers?

2. Does the Bible tell us to clasp our hands and close our eyes when we pray?

3. Why does every Christian denomination have different beliefs?

4. Did Jesus Christ collect money for his ministry such as tithe, offering, and contribution?

5. Can you honestly say the Bible has no contradictions and inaccuracies?

6. Does a person have to become a member of a religious organization to worship God?

7. Was Jesus Christ a member of a religious organization on earth?

8. Were Abraham, Noah, Moses, Joseph, and Daniel members of a religious organization?

9. Did Jesus Christ write any of his teachings and commandments on a scroll?

10. Which scripture says people should write books to explain the Bible?

11. Does the scripture say the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ were baptized?

12. Is there any proof that God inspired the writing of the Bible?


Christians do not like questions about their interpretations of the Bible,

But we have to question the things they believe, teach, and practise.

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