Twelve More Questions About The Bible And Christianity

Christians beat around the bush when you ask them certain questions about the Bible.
These specific questions about the Bible and Christianity require specific answers.

1. Why do Christians feel that they alone have the correct interpretation of the Bible?
2. Did Jesus Christ call his disciples and his followers Christians?
3. Is there any verse in the Bible that says we should not ask for proof of religious teachings?
4. Why is God portrayed as a white man when nobody has seen him?
5. Did Jesus Christ tell anybody to collect money in his name or in God’s name?
6. Are Christian organizations and churches commercial businesses?
7. Did the disciples and followers of Jesus Christ name themselves Christians?
8. Which scripture tells us to use symbols such as a crucifix and rosary beads in worship?
9. Did Jesus Christ command the apostles or anybody to celebrate his birth?
10. Where in the Holy Bible can we find the word “Christmas”?
11. Has anybody in modern times proven any of the stories in the bible about supernatural events?
12. Can the Bible authenticate itself without evidence from other sources?

Christians preach and teach certain things that the Bible does not actually say.
They present their opinion and their interpretation of the Bible as facts.

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