Twas the Night Before Graduation

Twas the night before graduation, when all through the house

Much excitment was occuring. There was anticiption about.

Graduation gowns were hung in closets with care

In hopes that they would remain safe there.


The graduates all went late to bed,

Thinking of the future and what lies ahead,

Envisioning what they will look like in their gown and cap,

And hearing the audience's air horns and claps.


When the final words are spoken, they'll raise such a clatter

And throw their caps, balloons and silly string with swagger.

The cameras had better be ready to flash

Because this class is going to make a big splash.


We're gonna be successful wherever we go.

We know with all of our brains and talent, it'll show.

It's time for us to go into our careers.

This is our world premiere and our journey starts here.


The world will throw us punches and kicks

But we will all perservere through it.

I mean, we survived high school and overcame it.

So now we're prepared. If we want it, we'll attain it.


Tomorrow, when we participate in this old tradition,

It's easy to make this prediction-

Fat or skinny, valedictorian or not, small or tall

Years from now, when people think of amazing, it's us they will recall.



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