The Tunnel


The tunnel in front of me glows calling for me

The glitery glow and sparkle invites me inside

It seems safe and joyful. 

I am in the darkness

I walk towards it getting closer and closer

I hear my name called from behind

I turn away and lose my glimpse on the glittery end. 

Behind I see the other end.

There is a crimson glow enticing me to join.

Music blares behind. 

It gives such an enchanting and false peace. 

I look back and forth between the glittery joy and the enticing sensual excitement. 

The crimson gate is calling me to strong to break.

I walk backwards from the sparkly glow

Deeper to the crimson glow.

As I get closer it becomes darker and darker 

But I am too enticed to notice.

Darkness and Lust surround me longing more and more.

I am about to enter when fire leaps out.

I gasp in fear as I glimpse the moaning screaming people in pain.

How could it have looked so good?

I stop and try to turn back but it sucks me in.

I am brought to my knees grabbing and trying to pull myself away

I am screaming and getting farther and farther sucked in.

I'm about to give up for good.

Then, a rope falls down and I grab it with hope. 

He pulls me away and back to the center.

I am enveloped in a hug as he wipes my tears away. 

Once again I am safe.

He grabs my hand and guides me towards the glittering gate

Joy and Happiness fill my heart

As we walk through the gate and into the light.


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