in tune with you

you are My stress-reliever,

my escape,

my addiction.


sometimes yoU start real slow,

like drip-drip from a faucet.

you pull me in close,

wrap your arms around me,

whiSper in my ear,

everything will be alright,

just breathe,

feel relieved.

my thoughts calm,

they dIsappear.

i feel loved, warm,

protected and known.

the steady rhythm syncs

with my heart and Connects.


yet you are fast,

like the rooooar of a hungry river.

you grab My hand

and pull me on the dance floor.

you shout, get me excited.

i feel invincible and energetic.

i want to dance all night.

you flUctuate from one noise

to the next.

i can’t hear my thoughts,

but my heart beats beatS beats

faster harder louder.

i’m still connected,

ready, being alive.


you can be an In-between,

not too slow or fast,

like a steady waterfall.

you talk to me,

make me feel at home.

we danCe like idiots,

not caring about anyone,

but us.

you are a best friend,

just enough bass and treble

to make me feel coMfortable.

you are wild, but know my limits;

you understand me completely,

right words,

right beat,

want to be together for hoUrs.


everything to me you will be.

i don’t know how you do it,

my best friend,

my shoulder to cry on,

my partner in crime.

different forms,

different moods,

different loves,

yet you are all mine,

my Secret fantasy.

replay, all play,

shuffle, next, rewind,








you are my stress-reliever,

my escape,

my addiCtion.  


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