Tulips, Anyone?


Tulips, Anyone?

Where is the Love?

We’ve been crossing this divide,

To see blackholes, and more blackholes,

Looking for a new blue sky,

In the belly of a beast.

Are we addicted to the Apocalypse?

There are echoes of the past,

Echoing, echoing,

Where is the fairytale heroine?

Where is the blue sky day?

Where is the love? Where is the love?

Find the forbidden city,

It’s about time,

If you can build it,

It is bloom time, It’s about time,

There is hope for the hopeless,

There is hope, there is hope.

Clear the air and find the blue sky,

The past is never dead,

Signs of spring are coming,

There is something in the air,

It’s bloom time.

Tulips, anyone?


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