I try to to talk to you,
Yet you don’t try to talk to me

I try to say hi,
But you never try to say hi back

I try to keep from staring,
And you try not to notice

I try to remember your smiles,
But you try to forget my love for you

I try to mend the broken connection,
But it takes two to connect

I try to keep the negativity out of my life,
Yet you try to bring it in my life

I try to smile through my frustration,
And you don’t try to notice my anger

I try to keep the tears from rushing out,
But you don’t try to help me

I try to find hope in my life,
Yet I try to forget that you are the hope in my life

I try to keep the knife away from my arm,
And you try to keep away from me

I try to lose my life,
And you try to get a life

I try to never forget you,
And you try to remember who I am

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This poem is beautiful.


This is exactly how i feel, you put it into words perfectly.


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