Truth Cannot Be Derived From Beliefs

The acceptance of anything as true does not make it true
Your teaching is based on beliefs and hearsay
It requires proof to confirm your religious philosohpy

Bear in mind that knowledge can be a fact or falsehood
A belief is the result of the absence of facts
Truth and belief are definitely not the same thing

You read or hear stories that you cannot prove
Nobody has first-hand knowledge of what really happened,
And yet you proclaim that you teach the truth

People believe or doubt the things they do not know,
But if someone personally witnessed an incident,
The person would have knowledge of the experience

You do not know for sure if what you read is true,
Yet you brainwash so many people with dogma
Opinions, feelings and assumptions are not facts

You have no tangible evidence of what you call truth
So why should anybody adhere to your religion?
You teach beliefs because you do not have any facts

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My community
My country
Our world


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