The Truth Behind The Smiles

Nothing but a pretty face to the masses,
A smiling face with a steely gaze,
Moments of weakness and the nations last hope;
Sexy, Hopeless, dreaming,
A girl with too many words to say:
Men seem to clamor around her like rats in a sewer,
Shaking, shivering, smiling.
They paint the girl as sweet, young and innocent,
When she is everything but.
He calls her “Baby, Sweetheart, Beautiful girl”
All she hears is “Sex toy, Object, Piece of meat”.
She sees herself as weak and small and hurt,
But in fact she is strong and beautiful and more than just an object.
The girl starts to see this, but her boy doesn’t like it,
He wants her submissive and scared and to stay his forever.
She starts to see the pattern in his abuse,
He yells, she cowers, he smiles his devilish smile.
She knows that she could do so much better,
And her friends always say he’s not right for her.
But she’s stubborn as a donkey,
Making up, fighting, LYING
Behind the smoke and mirrors of their loving relationship, she knows he’s not right for her. He knows she doesn’t trust him, and she shouldn’t. He breaks her down in the best way possible, the way that makes her afraid to love herself. She laughs like everything is fine, but in reality it’s nothing but smoke and mirrors, a replay of past happiness. Her pulse feeds off his personality; through his anger, her pulse is quick, through happiness it slows.
Yeah, she loves him and he “loves” her, but is it really love when she’s afraid to speak against him? Is it love when she builds her whole life around him? Is it really love?

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