Truth and Trust and Lavender

I used to find the darkness in every sunrise.
I knew nothing about love except the endless phone calls from him, the bruises on my neck, chapped lips and the taste of salt after sobs threatened to crack open my ribcage.
Then I met you.
You handpicked the stars and wrapped them in a box for my sixteenth birthday;
when I laid crying you told me of the world beyond the box we were trapped in.
We drove through the mountains, the earth our playground, every day a new beginning.


I knew by the way you looked at him it wasn’t the same as the others,
he set fire to you and left your lungs filled with smoke.
I dragged you from the fire and held you until the taste of him disappeared.

Somedays it felt like my voice went hoarse from the reassurance;
You are enough. I love you.  

Your eyes are constellations and your glass heart is shaped by kindness, radiating like sunbeams.

Built from truth and trust and lavender, our technicolour friendship is unwavering.

Because I love you, you are the January night I held you crying or the next when we laughed for forever.
Because I love you, you are my better half, but we are still able to stand alone.
Because I love you, you are not jealousy or malice or discouragement.
Because you love me, you set my ideas ablaze then tend the fire as they continue to grow and blossom.

Because you love me, I know I am apart of every adventure and story.
Because you love me, your family asks how I’m doing every christmas.
Because you love me, I know you always will.
Because I love you, I know I always will;
Eternally, unwavering, unconditionally.


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