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In God we trust to carry us and to assure that all our worries will turn out fine
Never have a slight doubt inside your mind, because God is the greatest of all time
Lift your hands and stand because the man upstairs has an amazing plan
And you are in it, your family too, for whatever struggle you’re going through
Consider it conquered because no weapon, or sickness formed against you shall prosper
My prayer up to heaven is my strongest offer; no one can determine the life of another
Not even a doctor, because God speaks life, isn’t that a reliever
That’s he looks out for his children all the strongest believers
That he comforts the sad and the strongest grievers
But let’s smile because now we know that he has done what we needed
The prayers we sent up the moments we pleaded
He now shows us Mercy and shows us grace
Everything can be conquered with a little bit of faith
Look forward to hearing the great news, and seeing more blessed days
Let’s thank God for a prayer answered and continue to give him praise
It’s one thing that God asks he asks and demands
That we place all our problems inside of his hands


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

prayer changes things

as long as you put in work, god will take care on his end

nice poem-great way to acknoledge god



Thanks so much!

Steven Elliott Caedmon Shinder

God is good all the time. Even when we have dreary days, we must be patient and remember that He does indeed have a plan for us.


Yes, that is the truth!


Totally agree! Great job!


Thanks so much!


Awesome. Thank you for this. 


Thank you for reading! :)


Beautiful:) God is using you as a vessel of his love and light. Thankyou for these encouraging words, keep on writing:) 


God is so good.. Thank you so much for your kind words!


This is great! You are absolutely right: we can completely trust in God. He has such a good vantage point on everything and all that happens in our lives, so we can trust that by following him he will heal us. Your poem is so encouraging! It is so awesome that you praise God through your poetry...keep writing! :D


Thank you so much for your kind words!! God is amazing!! I will continue to give him the glory all the days of my life :)


I completely agree with your perspective, though I am not an atheist myself. I hope someday the world does evolve to be more accepting of each other. You are a very insightful person, and I'm glad someone out there shares my point of view.


Thank you I truly appreciate it!


I absolutely agree the religious aspect of life has definately caused alot of division unfortunately. With todays world everyone uses it differently some for power or personal gain. I respect all religions although I believe in the devine creator. Thank you so much for your insight and positivity I truly appreciate it . 


Awesome poem!!! Keep the faith (: love to you


Thank you so much -  Much Love!!


Preach! That was fantastic and I completely agree.


Thank you so much!!


Very beautiful, i enjoyed reading it!-ms


Thank you! I truly appreciate it :) 

Sincerely Mikayla

Loved this so much, going through such a rough time that I forgot I am a child of a king and that He is the one who makes me strong and leads me yonder. Thank you for using your talent, and letting God use you to bless others. The tears are flowing now but in the morning it's gonna be alright. May he bless your family and those who are reading this right now. Enjoy the lyrics of the song below if you are ever going through a tough time. This is what's bringing me through..


 I've had some good days, I've had some hills to climb 

I've had some weary days, And some sleepless nights 

But when I look around, And I think things over

 All of my good days, Outweigh my bad days 

I won't complain 

Sometimes the clouds are low, I can hardly see the road 

I ask a question, Lord, why so much pain? But he knows what's best for me 

Although my weary eyes They can't see, So I'll just say thank you Lord, 

I won't complain  


Pray for me please I really need it. Thank you again.


Thanks so much for your beautiful comment! I wrote this poem 3 years ago and I must say I am in a much better place than I was and I will always and forever continue to give the creator praise. Stay stong you'll go through your trials but you'll overcome.

Sincerely Mikayla

Thank you for the reassurance, may God continue to use and bless you richly.

Jan Wienen

So true


beautiful piece of literary work. I like it for its poetic quality and message.

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