You say what you mean and you mean what you say?
Stop telling lies and coming my way
Integrity you do not have, clearly I see that

You're just a person I will not cite...
See you're a non factor in my life
Don’t ever pretend around me...
Don’t make me look ugly....

See this side of me no one knows
Believe you me this isn't a show
I tell you to your face how I feel
Those stories you tell are not for real

FRIENDS what a word, thrown around with no meaning
Then you wonder can never be seen with me
I was a great friend and still remain
You just thought I'd fall in this foolish game

A fool, I am not, let me just connect the dots
God has placed others in my life
Who truly are real and don't try hard to be liked
I am who I am, everywhere I step foot, people like you I just give the boot!

If you need one good advice, remember to always stay true
You ask for another chance and I called it truce
Don’t think I don’t know, my guard is still up
But my heart says don’t give up on trust…


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

familiar terminology
i know all about trust
trust is something one must earn
your passion is expressing this poem allows the reader to make the connection with the importance of trust
great job!!!!!!!! and keep writing


Thank you 4 ur support mentor!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

anytime my student


I can tell you have a lot to say, I am excited to read more.


I have a couple out there so far, check them out and let me know what you thing...TY for your support snap snap :)

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