True Paradise

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 14:11 -- Moshae


I am lost 
Lost at sea 
Soon I cannot see 
I am wrecked and confused 
I whined up on a island 
Lost and alone
The sun rains down on me 
With it's bright shining face 
It's rays tries to comfort me 
With it's warm embrace
I stand to walk deeper into the jungle but i can't
I heard a voice, call over my lonely paradise 
Across the sea, a voice calls 
A familar, sweet, and caring voice 
I turn to stand in the water to see this voice 
I look out t o the sea, I frozen 
The love I thought I lost is swimming towards me 
He embraces me and I smile
For now my paradise is complete 
My love is my happiness, my peace, and my true paradise 
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