The True Me

Ah, the true me...

It might scare most to see

Who I am inside, truly

But, because you ask

I’ll take off my mask

And show you the true me.

Yes, slowly now I shall remove

The disguise through which my comfort moves

And show you the true me.


As though nearly drowning, I gasp for air,

Coming up to the surface I push back my hair

All the sarcasm, one liners, and darkened quick wit

Spill out from me in an intensely disillusioned fit.

My voice once a wallflower, blending in with the rest

Is now a thunderous bellow coming up from my chest.

My laugh is electric and can be heard worldwide

It is quite obnoxious, I must confide.


I cuss and I scream and I think awful thoughts,

Despite all who may frown or say I should not.


I sing to myself until bells ring in my ears

While praying to God that no one hears.

It’s usually classic rock, as I am an old soul,

I love 60s and 70s rock and roll.


I like vodka cranberry and the occasional smoke,

Marlboro Menthols are my favorite to toke.

I’d wear skate shoes over heels any day.

Who has time for painful beauty anyway?


The true me wants to quit my job and write for a living,

To sit in wonder yet clear as day as my pen begins giving

Character, emotion, detail and everything in between

To the pages it touches; a feeling truly serene.


Now that I have shared just a tid-bit of the true me

It’s time to head back to reality

Back to the reasonable, more ladylike me.



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