This is true love


I was walking through a feild and came across somthing, somthing that caught my eye

My soul looks through its windows and sees amazing beauty 

Somthing that only comes  once in a life time 

Out of this world, A flower that glows with beauty and blinds and burns peoples eyes out of their heads

Cause it to powerful to look at 

I saw the poor chaps who's eyes burned out of their skulls

for only one can see its true beauty with out getting blind and losing sight

And that person is me 

When I picked it up off the ground holding it in my hands

somthing happend so mind blowing 

It began to glow brighter and started floating out of my hands

it started to grow and then a powerful force blew me off my feet causing me to land on my back

on the ground

As I was laying on the ground the 

That flower was blooming into an angel 

Your my once in a life time that will never happen again 






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