true beauty is found within

Mon, 03/27/2017 - 11:21 -- mia646

As the first snowflake falls
All you can do is recall
The precious times you have seen
Moreover, think of the most wonderful time being
The time when you walk freely
Sitting alone peacefully
Knowing what I feel silently
The snow crackles quietly
The snowflakes are a wonder to see
Nevertheless, I think what it could be
The clouds seem dark and sad
However, the snow falling seems happy and glad
Starlight’s make everything glow
Like a river that is at flow
Ice makes everything yes
But the sun makes it the best
The sunshine makes everything bright
Like a candle giving life and light
Everything is starting to become a wonderful sight
I can see my breath in the air
But my soul only says what is fair
I walk along the snowy path
As I do all I leave is footpath
Then there is an opening
And that is what see and I’m hoping
A clearing in my view
That has only been seen by a few
The leaves are wet with raindrop dew
Grass is sprouting and becoming a new
The trail I walk leads everything behind
I’m hoping I know what I came to find
As I walk away from what has come to be
All I see now is a beautiful scene
The scent of air is warm and sweet
The feeling is what you need
You lay down on the warm grass
Thinking of how much time has pass
Then there is a cave you see
You think that is the place where you can hide and be free
Thinking it’s only yourself you need
Then in there is a cherry blossom tree
You stare all flowers are in bloom
Except for one, which seems to be doom
You look in water and see your reflection
You touch your face but still feel neglected
Then a petal falls and you look up to see the last flower blossom
Then you look at the water but at the very bottom
You said I’m a cherry blossom flower but in reality
Now I know what I have truly
I gained the cherry blossoms trees true beauty

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