They talk about you as if your a bad seed

But I see everything about you so beautifully


They say your menace and a thug, but you just want to be loved


They say your untrustworthy but I know the worthiness of your trust

They say you don't love, you only lust


They say you don't have a heart and your life is falling apart


And at times I know you feel like giving up but i want  you to know you need to keep your head up


I know sometimes you feel like the world is caving in

But I want you to know it’s yourself you need to believe in


I know at times you may feel like the world is against you

I want you to know I will ride or die with you


They say you’ve failed so many times and your on the verge of dropping out

But I know how intelligent you are and they don't know what they’re talking about


I know they judge you on the birth of your child at such a young age

They talk about you as if your a animal that needs to be caged


I want you to follow your dreams no matter how many people say they’re unrealistic

They just want you to be another young black male statistic


If you pray you can get through anything

I want you to know you are a king

To rise above is the hope and dream

You are a soldier you can do anything

To achieve happiness by any means


I see your true colors shining through and that's why I love you


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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