Troubled Soul

Troubled Soul
By: Me
Imagine yourself being locked up in a room filled with mirrors to your soul
Could you handle it?
For some time now you've been wanting to know how to be free
Couldn't even fill your emptiness
deep inside you ...
Hoping for someone to come and set you free but they lied to you
You keep telling yourself I'm down but I'm not out
Still failing to get the big picture
You're no longer in good spirits but you're surrounded by negativity
Sinking fast don't know who will help you
Quickly your mind shifts to God
You sit down in a corner and pray
You ask God to touch your soul and heal you more than you will ever know
You start apologizing for running away but hopelessness is hear to stay
You waited far too late
You let yourself drown in your own sorrow and shame
Wasted your life away
You went to God during your last breath
You didn't realize all the good things he's done for you


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