Thu, 01/23/2014 - 12:21 -- desXD


She always knew it was inside her. Burning low like a red sphere falling from the sky. Countless like hard sparks dead and cold spread across an expanse. There, but just beyond her. Much like the stars or a setting sun it would fill her up to the brim and it would be priceless. But first she'd have to find it. She tried searching in the depths of her own pitching rolling oceans, fabled to hold Aphrodite's bounty in the very foam she herself was birthed in. She plunged in deep, with tooth brushes, fingers, fork handles and a fine tooth comb to search monthly, weekly, daily for what she'd never find in those empty waters. She retched up emptiness and only swallowed her disappointment. Next, she searched in dark abyss of her caves. She produced iron, steel and sharp cold metal then began the excavation. The deeper she cut into the flesh of the caves the more destruction she left behind. Tirelessly she searched until deep inside the cave her digging struck a vein of rich red magma. Lava burst through the tunnels and burned scars into the land. After the lava had cool into solid black igneous she looked savagely around for her reward. She saw only her own destruction, and nothing more. So she retreat. Alone, confused and losing hope she sought out something different. "Surely," she thought, "there must be something else?" It came to her in a beam of light. The idea, to look beyond herself. So she built a spaceship and set sail in search of something extraterrestrial somewhere on Venus. Venus took her in with open arms and whispered promises of fortune. Venus kissed her heavy lids close while pressing cool round coins into her hands. Finally she could have her treasure as long as she swore to never open her eyes. But she had to see this treasure she worked so hard to find, finally see the gold coins run through her fingers. But when she open her eyes Venus's beautiful pale face was that of a snake, her promises ash that pour from black lips. She reached out to clutch her treasure but found that cool gold coins were only pebbles that crumbled into sand and ran past her fingertips. Venus let out a terrible shriek and sent her hurtling back from where she came. Her tears cut through the ash that powdered her face. She sat betrayed alone, still, and gave up all thoughts of treasure. She lie down, and looked up to the stars and noticed for the first time the black space in between them. She saw how each twinkling light never touched another and wondered if the stars were as lonely as she. So hopeless it a seemed, so finally she gave up all her claims to gravity. She cast only one glance back before she lost herself to the emptiness.


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