The Traveller (That Does Not Move)


United States

[ Inspired by the story "Going Places" by A. R. Barton ]

I'm a traveller
I've been going places
My dreams and my thoughts
My mind races
I'm the traveller that does not move
But I've been going places
My whole life plays out
Different scenarios and cases
I'm a traveller
I've been going places

I've had great times
It's been a rollercoaster ride
But when I open my eyes
I haven't taken a stride
Figuritave and literal, both
The run-of-the-mill routine, I loathe

They say I'm the traveller that does not move
I've been going places
for what my tongue says, my mind proves
So I set sail for the seas and oceans
Of love and hope and dreams and emotions
I stood on the bow of the ship
as the sails unfurled
I sceamed with all my might
But then I open my eyes
And I flinch
I've been going places
How have I not moved an inch....?

- Kevin K. Faraz

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