Trapped In Myself


28° 42' 7.146" N, 77° 4' 43.9284" E

Trapped , I was stuck in the cages of my ribs, lost in the chambers of voices in my head, all alone.

Realizing I was a slave to the idea of breaking free. My mind controlled by fear, my heart controlled 

by dispointment, my body being forced down by the gravity of Life, I was trapped. 

Afraid of coming out of my pain and afraid that no one would listen, that was until I picked up the pen,

the first time I touched the pen my mind unlocked and my soul took control. My soul started writing story's 

with simile's and metaphors that my body was unable to come up with. That very day the pen gave me the 

key that unlocked my rib cage and I was finally free. 


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