Trapped in Eternity

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 19:10 -- Lelia23


United States
40° 49' 1.6716" N, 81° 30' 17.1972" W

Swallowed into forever darkness, I find myself.
no sense of a beginning no sense of an end
The Air is dry.
Stiff, breathless,
Ripped apart.
Thoughts of an opaque heart…
It engulfs me.
One being captured
One image framed
It is the same?
Or am I insane?
Constant ponder and constant wander,
Yet the air remains the same.
It engulfs me.
I feel Heaven and Hell;
trapped- free
tormented- free
Burning from desire that is my hell I scream
I am the blue bird without wings
Never an angle, but a tormented bird fallen from the sky.

As I hope,
As I fear,
Time ticks by.
Journeying farther from the moments…Memories pass by,
But still I wonder.
Still I desperately cry out
for forgiveness,

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What I felt during my darkest days. Confused, lonely, and disoriented in my own hell


I still feel that way. Beautiful poem.


it's a very great poem

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