Wed, 01/15/2014 - 18:00 -- Brosee


 With closed eyes and a steady heartbeat

She reached toward the door quite gently

Sick of livi  Sick of living a life full of deceit

She yearned to no longer feel weak and empty


Cynical thoughts provoked her stable mind

Although what it once was, it will never be

Her inner woman began to decline

A prosperous future, she could not foresee


 A secret escape was her only option

An impulsive midnight disappearance

Nasty words filled her like a deadly toxin

She struggled to find internal coherence


Fear fueled by selfish manipulation                    

A chilling venture to be freed from the darkness

A prisoner jailed in damnation

A battle to remain unlike the heartless


Her freedom was brutally interrupted

Her dream gone and inspiration stolen

Once again her will had been abducted

She searched the sky for an favorable omen


 Her fate was sealed with bloodthirsty desire

He found her huddled and mute hiding away

She intuitively knew what would soon transpire

The girl inside herself had nothing to say


He snatched her voice away with his burly fists

Constantly overpowering with control

With beastly force he nearly broke her delicate wrists

Like a snake and rat he swallowed her whole


A battered spirit, A body bruised

All her hope was lost in a sea of tears

His strength, her face became severely fused

She faintly thought of good memories throughout the years


Pain left her body as it was beaten out

 She checked out and began to disconnect

Now trapped within she could not scream or shout


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