South Africa

I see a lot of us stuck in routines

Allergic to humans but loyal to things

Driven by instructions and not allowed to dream

Are we now robots or still human beings?

We follow trends that pop in our screens

We choose to see rather than think

We’ve been slaves to low self-esteem

I feel trapped in materialistic things

From driving while texting, to walking while texting

We now even take a shit while texting

Is technology still a blessing?

Cause I feel technology running our race

We rather have something done than to see what it takes

To explore to endure we now even can’t communicate

We try our best to stay alive with the food that is fake

But as soon as we are born we know that death is our fate

But we too focused on what the trends have to say

Cause we are trapped, trapped in a web called the internet

Wanting to be seen as another person on Instagram

Then fall into depression when we look in the mirror where the filters fail

Now we scared to see the world because they only know the edited self

So we mentally trap ourselves in our rooms and make it a tomb

And Listen to depressing trap music we find on ITunes

Buying IPhone ascendingly but where to?

Why do we have a voice that talks back to us in there too?

Are we still humans or robots trapped in a cycle?

As we follow trends we become bodies with no title



“The future is in your hands” and I’m holding an android

Looks like I’m trapped because I bought it with no choice

I had to follow the trend of having a smartphone






This poem is about: 
Our world


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