We have a lot of mountains

That seem too hard to climb.

We try to solve our problems

And then run out of time.

We've been checkmated so often

That the game's out of our hands,

We plead our case and get convicted,

Trapped in the mess we made again.

There's gotta be a way out!

There's gotta be a key to this lock,

But it's hard to find 'cause we've been blocked,

Trapped in this hard life.

We say a lot of things,

Make promises that we can't keep.

We hurt ourselves and others' hearts,

Try to scale cliffs that are too steep.

We bear the fruit of our mistakes,

A burden none of us desire.

The flames arise to burn our minds,

Trapped in an internal wildfire.

Maybe Jesus is the way out,

But we get confused and forget how,

Maybe if we stopped worrying so much

For a moment it might get clearer,

Our dreams might reappear,

We may be trapped for now,

But there is a way out,

God's the One we need right now.

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Our world
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