Black shades have shoved me into this corner. I scream, “LIFE!” as I inch closer to the coroner. Trekking down this road has forever turned me to a foreigner. I smile, but on the inside I mourn for ever baby born without a chance at life; for every high school drop out because they lost the fight; for every boy who cannot tell you what it means to have a dad and for every little girl who will never have a healthy relationship with a man. I wish I could look into your eyes and convince you to give yourself a chance. Can’t you see that circumstances change only with the individual?

Isn’t that why you hate God— because you haven’t gotten any miracles?

Well, here it is:

Tranquil like rain drops, burdensome like rain checks, stunning like brake checks, dangerous as a fake check, more murderous than poverty with the ability to fill you up quicker than a Lebanese feast! Will you meet God half-way? The first steps are always the heaviest, but you will grow stronger and lighter as your burdens fade. Don’t bother telling the world, we will know by the smile on your face that you have discovered the limitless miracles for you to take. We are miracle-made, but we can also make miracles!

So smile— you just might save a life! Give the homeless man you ignore 2 times what you might. DREAM! Dream without restraint because it is far better to fall onto the clouds than the ground! Transform. Evolve. Grow. Learn to see the patterns and cycles of life. Be the light in someone’s darkness, the fruit in every harvest! Change starts with you, honest! A different perspective can change your life faster than a light switch can brighten up a room. Choose your dreams over the screams of naysayers and work harder than day laborers. Impossible is only an exaggeration of improbably and if you’re willing to try then anything is possible! Be the juggernaut of your story, tell the world you are unstoppable! Value your voice because that is the moist soil to your soul. Hold tight to your virtues and let the cold world know that you are never letting go!


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