I call this transformation

This is Transformation

This is Transformation growing from seeds

Of beauty

Where the pith of self has been blown

Where God clears your heart of material cobwebs and makes it his home

Transforming dark places to light spaces

Hollowing out the dark and ugly innards of hard cases

This is

Transformation – born of love

The transmutation of elements

Taking clay and changing rearranging sediment

Till it becomes

Smiling red, black, yellow, brown, and white roses


Softening the hardened heart

Sculpting , and shaping

Rubbing out and baking

Subbing doubt

With certainty

And taking


Mindless, spineless, blindness of mindsets

Born of Extremes in love of nations-false religion and creed



We taste nodes of eloquent testimony, from the softest kisses of his sugar shedding lips


To stop what makes us bleed

From physical, mental, spiritual and social wounds

This is True Transformation

A tearing down of the building

Not just rearranging the rooms

This is


In its nature, in its nature

His words are rain drops-falling from heaven like water falls

He bathes us one and all

Regardless of skin or nomenclature

God is Greater

Than the most AUGUST women or man

Than the most ROBUST movements of hands

That’s why we turn to him when things go badly

When it hit’s the fan

Whether you find yourself shining like sunrays to applause, fan-fare and velvet ropes

Or you are slouched down in the dull moon light of the doldrums

Wrapped in the cold sheets of depression and inconsolable blues

You too

Must remember

“He’s got the whole world in his hands”

And that’s life


Ups and downs, joy and anger,

Hills and valleys

Paupers and crowns

We are all together bound

By this cosmic glue

That holds together the atoms called me and you

The yin to magnetisms yang

We call this thang


How she holds us

She slides across your face

Ever so gently like the mild embrace of a mid-summers breeze

Love changes the seasons and it turns the leaves


And when star light casts its resplendent glow in your life revealing loves fair skin

We are all taken back by her beauty, we become derelict in our responsibilities and duties

In her grasp we stand powerless to resist her incantation








(Slow, voice drops singing)

And her voodoo

Makes u do

Crazy things sometimes

We get lost

As her words stab our hearts and twists our minds

Suddenly no mountain is too tall or too perilous to impede our climb

To her

The whole time

The ideal king, from on high waits


Hoping you’ll find


In your heart

Robed in extra-terrestrial mystery

Shining with terrible glory

Offering us a clean tablet of chrysalite


Epic stories

That begin with him

Giving us

To drink deep of the snow white chalice of reunion

In a majestic banquet hall

Stacked to the hilt with exotic delicacies of holiness

(Passion, Crescendo)

Where we gorge ourselves

Where we forget all else

Where we

Toss away our hopes

And we discard our health

Where we

Get Drunk

From the Ale

Of the Spirit

And with reckless abandon

We toss away our equilibrium

Where we toss away our equilibrium

For unfading





Spirit shaking

Mind bending

Paradigm breaking

World ending



Soul stirring

Pinch me, I must be dreaming,

I’m out of my body




This poem is about: 
Our world



This hit right in the core. Such an amazing work of art. 

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