Tragedy or Blessing in Disguise (a true story)


Her eyes sparkle like diamonds,

A smile plays across her lips,

Her hair blows gently in the whispering wind.

No one knew the secrets behind her eyes.

Not one person understood the nightmares she had.

Since that one dreadful day, her life had changed.

“I’m a friend, your brother, someone you can trust.”

The lies were spewed from his lips like venom,

But tasted like honey to the unsuspecting innocence of a young girl.

He wanted to hang like pals, so did she.

Her plans were sit and talk at look-out point,

A place of peace and serenity so sweet.

He was a snake in the grass,

Ever so slick and quick to blend in,

His blue showed blue to the world,

But burned a vicious, fiery red on the inside.

This devil of a man was one for quick wit.

Both him and her had love for another.

He wanted something new,

she wanted a friend.

No one would ever think

That devil in disguise would win out.

He got his something new

And left her in the dirt.


He led her to a place

Off the beaten path,

A fiery passion blazing in his soul,

An innocent young dame.

He reached the top of the cliff,

Sat her down,

And looked her in those big brown eyes.

She knew it was too late,

Knew she had been fooled,

Spoke up saying,

“No, please don’t.”

No one was around to hear her pleas.

An evil smirked played across his mouth

As he slipped her out of her undergarments.

She cried out again,

“Stop, I don’t want this!”

He refused to listen

And knew what he wanted.

He pulled his pants down in a moments notice.

He was rough about his approach,

Gentle about the action.

He made sure to leave no visible marks or scarring.

The male took full advantage of her innocence.

What was she to do?

She tried to call out for help,

but no one could hear her.

She couldn’t fight him,

She wouldn’t fight him,

She had been abused before.

A repeat is not what she wanted.

He finished his job when voices were close.

He pulled up his pants and said,

“Follow me out shortly.”

She nodded out of fear.

He had left her in the dirt

In one of the worst conditions.

She was exposed and fearful.

She took some time to dress herself

And re-gather her thoughts.

She didn’t know what to do,

Who to trust,

Who to tell,

How to cope.

She was a lost soul.


Seven moons passed slowly

Before she spoke up.

Her friends were by her side,

Her lover was scared.

She thought of nothing but tragedy,

Those around her kept saying,

“It’s a blessing in disguise.”

She wouldn’t believe them.

They didn’t understand,

Couldn’t understand,

And wouldn’t understand.

These evil doings

Have made her stronger.

Today, she is trying,

Trying to begin again.

She’s still chasing dreams

While trying to make things right.

She has become a fighter,

A fighter against those

Who have done her wrong.

She wants a better life,

Not just for her,

But for her family too.

As she reflects on the events,

She thinks to herself,

“Was it tragedy or a blessing in disguise?”

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