Traces of Tears


Traces of Tears


Why do you allow yourself to return to this place

When you know all the sufferings and pain you must face

There’s enough damage of the past that you can trace

The pain is so deep you could hardly erase


Traces of tears that fall from your eyes

Then there are the times you could hardly cry

Do you know why because their falling within

You’ve held on so long it’s becoming a sin


Start fearing God start fearing him now

Before you know it you won’t feel him around

Pray without ceasing and pray for your life

Because these battles always end with much strife


Traces of tears deliverance from fears

Because you’ve gone through this for oh so many years

Start wearing your crown get rid of the frown

This don’t have to end with the enemy wearing you down


Start using your power start using your anointing

Don’t wait too long or it will be disappointing

Go after the enemy don’t wait for him to come to you

You know his job is to continue taking you through


You can trace your tears back to the times of your youth

They all developed from not hearing the truth

Start praying real hard deep inside of your spirit

The devil can’t stand this he doesn’t want to hear it


Don’t let him fool you because he’s done this before

When he leaves you he always comes back and knock on your door

                                                         By: Marie Jones

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